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We help create positive work environments and stronger teams;
resulting in improved performance, customer service, and employee & client retention.
We activate potential – and help you realize results!

Lisa Broesch-Weeks

President - Actualize Consulting Group

With over 20 years of corporate experience in guest experience, communications, professional development, and strategic planning, Lisa Broesch-Weeks and the Actualize team have the skills, passion, and talent to take you and your company further.

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  • Stronger customer service & client relationships = new, repeat and referral business
  • Happier employees = greatly reduced “key talent” turnover and decreased cost of hiring and training new staff
  • More efficient processes = increased productivity and reduced stress
  • Greater leadership effectiveness = focus on company growth versus employee issues
  • Increased professionalism and enhanced corporate image = attraction of higher caliber employee and client prospects


As a human services focused organization “people” are our business! If our employees are not satisfied and performing at their best, the very core of our mission and business suffer greatly. The training seminar Lisa Broesh designed and led for our Management Team provided eye-opening keys to “great” leadership and communication techniques! She was inspiring, motivating and a true expert in her field. The feedback from our management staff was excellent…they all would like her to come back and do more training. When you’re staff wants more, you know you are doing the right things! Thank you Lisa.

Barry Pollack -President & CEO United Cerebral Palsy East Central Florida

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