Are You Ready to Actualize Success?

We help create positive work environments and stronger teams;
resulting in improved performance, customer service, and employee & client retention.
We activate potential – and help you realize results!

Lisa Broesch-Weeks

President - Actualize Consulting Group

With over 20 years of corporate experience in guest experience, communications, professional development, and strategic planning, Lisa Broesch-Weeks and the Actualize team have the skills, passion, and talent to take you and your company further.

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  • Stronger customer service & client relationships = new, repeat and referral business
  • Happier employees = greatly reduced “key talent” turnover and decreased cost of hiring and training new staff
  • More efficient processes = increased productivity and reduced stress
  • Greater leadership effectiveness = focus on company growth versus employee issues
  • Increased professionalism and enhanced corporate image = attraction of higher caliber employee and client prospects


“What started out as a search to find out my “passion in life” turned into a
journey into not only my personal desires, but my business goals as well. Lisa
helped me realize that they can be one in the same, and I now feel I have
new sense of direction in life. I’m excited about the future and grateful to
have more Bliss in life.”

George Royal -Vice President, Kuykendall Gardner

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