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22 Actions Deserving of Recognition

So you’ve hired the perfect employee, provided them with the proper training, and completed all the on-boarding they could ever want. Excellent––they should be good to go, right? Well, in some ways, yes.

But research tells us that we’re 40% more likely to disengage from our work when our direct supervision neglects to supply us with feedback about our performance (and 22% likely to disengage if the feedback is only of the negative persuasion).

That’s just one of the many reasons why it’s so important to regularly offer relevant, timely, and specific positive reinforcement whenever possible. Yes, even when the employee is only doing what you’d hope they’d do in the first place.

To assist you and your leadership team in your efforts to offer recognition where it’s due, here’s a sampling of just some of the actions & traits you may choose to positively reinforce: 


  1. 1.Setting a great example
  2. 2.Expanding their knowledge/education
  3. 3.Providing great customer service (external)
  4. 4.Providing great customer service (internal)
  5. 5.Covering a shift
  6. 6.Great attendance
  7. 7.Boosting sales
  8. 8.Streamlining processes
  9. 9.Collaborating with peers, other departments, co-workers, etc. (rather than competing)
  10. 10.Creating new products/technology/programs
  11. 11.Being consistent with positive outlook/attitude
  12. 12.Remaining up to date with trends in their field
  13. 13.Training/assisting others
  14. 14.Taking calculated risks when warranted
  15. 15.Offering to help!
  16. 16.Taking initiative
  17. 17.Taking a proactive approach to problem solving
  18. 18.Bringing pertinent/accurate information to the forefront
  19. 19.Displaying the traits of a servant leader
  20. 20.Delivering on your brand promise
  21. 21.Staying cool, calm, and collected in turbulent situations
  22. 22.Demonstrating “forward thinking” (rather than sticking to what’s always been done)

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