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“Fall” Into a More Blissful Life

I always look forward to the Fall. Here in Florida the temperature is still very warm, but there’s a feeling of positive anticipation as I look forward to a change in the air. When the cool air finally arrives and the warm air falls away, I feel more alive, and certainly more InBliss.

Thinking about this, it occurred to me that it’s very similar with stress. As I look forward to the positive things in life and let the stress fall away, I get a similar feeling. For that reason, I thought I might share some tips from a presentation I recently gave on converting stress into success. These tips will help you to allow some of your daily stress to fall away, and make room for more positive experiences in your life.

Step 1. Identify what you want in your life. It might be more time with your family, more time to yourself, more opportunities to relax, or simply more time to enjoy life. Imagine what your ideal scenario would be, if only you had less stress in your life.

Step 2. Now, make a list of everything you did yesterday. Yes, everything. Whether you drove your kids to multiple events, had lunch with a negative friend, took a walk, worked on a great project, etc. Write each activity down and rate each as either 1)mandatory or 2)optional.

Step 3. Rate how you felt about each activity as either 1)good/productive, 2)stressed you out, or 3)neutral.

Step 4. Note how much time was invested in things that you actually enjoy. If you had several activities that you rated as making you feel good or productive, you’re welcome to stop here. If you had more activities that you rated as making you feel “stressed,” read on.

Step 5. Take a look at how many of those activities you rated as optional and stressful. Good news! This is where you can start to let some of your stress fall away and make room for things that you enjoy. Activities like having lunch with a negative friend or doing work that you should be able to delegate can certainly be stressful, but typically are not mandatory. So why do we continue to do these things? Most people tell me it’s because they think they “should” or don’t want to be inconsiderate. But what is it costing you in the long run? Take a long look at your stressful activities, are they really mandatory??

Once you start to let the optional stress fall from your life, you will automatically make room in your schedule. The key is in devoting that newly created space to doing more of what you enjoy. Get a little self-centered. There, I said it-now you have permission. Being self-centered means that you are focused on what feels right for you. And when you feel good, feel rested, and feel reenergized, the people around you will likely benefit (and it sure beats feeling worn out, stressed out and fed-up with everything. Think of it like oxygen on an airplane, take care of yourself first and that will enable you to take care of those who truly depend on you in your personal and professional life. Sounds like bliss to me.

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