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Lisa Broesch’s 7 P’s to Problem Solving™ (How to establish yourself as an asset in a leadership role)

1. Problem: Identify the “symptoms” (what’s happening/frustrations) and core

2. Priority: Decide where this issue falls on your priority list

3. Proposed Action
: What solutions can you provide to fix the problem

4. Partner Involvement: Include your partners, ask for input, adjust accordingly

5. Plan Implementation: Identify, with your partners, when & how you will
communicate and implement the plan

6. Practical Application: Establish how you will measure success and when you will
regroup to assess your progress and make any adjustments
And lastly,

7. Passing The Buck: Don’t even think about it – it’s not a successful leadership trait

©2010 Lisa Broesch. All rights reserved internationally. Permission granted to excerpt or redistribute with attribution and notification.