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• Ask for their opinion and really listen to them

• Actively allow employees to share in success (no matter what title they hold!)

• Find out what your employees are passionate about and help them connect it to their career

• Give opportunities to attend special meetings, cross-train, utilize untapped skills

• Publicly refer to employees who excel at a particular craft as “experts”

• Let them (your staff and peers) know that their time is as valuable as yours

• Appreciate the effort, even when the project is not a complete  “success”

• Encourage and provide opportunities for professional growth

• Mail a hand written note of thanks to the employee’s home

• Give new employees a “welcome” card on their first day of work

• Remember their name!

• Stop by their workplace just to say hello, see how they’re doing

• Call the employee into your office specifically to give kudos

• Say “please” and “thank you” – believe it or not this courtesy often goes overlooked!

• Create an employee “honor roll” and post it in a public area

• Give an extra long lunch break or allow them to leave 30 mins. early – with pay!

• Ask to see pictures of their family or pets

• Plan a surprise achievement celebration for deserving employees

• Privately recognize personal needs and challenges

• Include an employee “kudos” column in your company newsletter

– a portion of these incentive ideas provided by the University of Washington

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