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INCREASE Employee Morale & Productivity – WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK!

Lisa Broesch speaks to executives about the benefits of employee motivation and retention

Now, more than EVER, is the time to utilize employee “incentives” to motivate higher productivity and increase employee loyalty — allowing you to increase revenue and avoid pricey turn-over costs!

“Incentives” don’t need to break the bank! When surveyed, most employees say they’d rather receive incentives that stimulate their mind and help them feel valued, rather than receive consumable “quick fixes” like a free lunch or modest gift certificate.


1. FIND OUT WHAT YOUR EMPLOYEES ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT, AND HELP THEM CONNECT THEIR INTEREST TO THEIR CAREER. Example: if they “want to make a difference,” train and allow them to work with customer special needs and requests (in addition to their normal duties). This will increase your employee morale, AND help your customer satisfaction rates soar!

2. ACTIVELY ALLOW (and encourage!) EMPLOYEES TO SHARE IN SUCCESS — NO MATTER WHAT TITLE THEY HOLD! One of the top reasons employees list for decreased motivation? Feeling like they “never get credit for doing a great job, meeting a deadline, or taking part in a successful project.” It literally takes just minutes to vocalize your appreciation and boost morale. Just be sure to be timely and specific (no “general” praise) with your feedback.

3. ASK FOR YOUR TEAM MEMBERS’ OPINION, AND REALLY LISTEN TO THEM. “Never feeling heard” is another top cause for conflict and frustration in the workplace (and anywhere else!). One of the best ways to gain employee “buy-in” is to simply ask what their (constructive) thoughts might be. Ask how they might make improvements in processes, increase morale, or do things differently . . . and really listen to their feedback. You might just be surprised to find just the answer you need, while increasing your employee’s morale at the same time! Tip: be sure to give the employee “credit” for any of their ideas you may implement (see #2 above).


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