Customized Keynotes and Workshops

Hiring a speaker for your event or organization is an incredible responsibility. You want the right speaker who understands and delivers the essence of your message, activates your audience, and doesn’t break your budget.

Obviously, you want someone with the knowledge, expertise and experience to communicate with credibility to your audience.

Our firm delivers customized presentations to fit your specific needs. Some of our most requested presentations include:

Lisa's Most Requested Presentations and Topics:


From Back-Room to Boardroom . . .Promote Yourself,On Purpose!

Target: executive & personal development, management & leadership, spouse programs, direct marketing associations, college staff & students, any industry or association

Through role play and interaction we will explore how positive perception influences your odds of personal & professional success, establish your ideal self-image, enhance perception by elevating your appearance (dress, posture, hair, facial expression), learn how vocal techniques can make or break your connection, and utilize body language skills to increase trust and acceptance. You and your participants will walk away with key strategies to deliberately and effectively showcase and strengthen your best attributes and position yourself for promotion.

  • Increased professionalism and enhanced image
  • Improved ability to recognize true professional strengths
  • Stronger personal and professional relationship skills
  • A highly competitive edge in today's market

One More Out the Door?

Target: professional and organizational development, employee development, spas, resorts, direct marketing companies, any business or association

Key strategies and exercises to deliver on your brand and create a “world class” client experience that will turn your customers into advocates and bring them back again. In this lively session we’ll explore how your employees are a reflection of your brand. how to bring your team on board with your vision, and how to evaluate the sights, sounds, and smells of your establishment to increase the success of your organization.

  • Increase employee and client retention
  • Greater new and repeat customer rates
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve bottom line savings

What Training Shamu’s® Trainers Taught Me About Leadership

Target: professional, executive, and organizational development, college staff & students, any industry or association

This highly interactive program will give you and your participants the tools to motivate and inspire your teams to regularly and willingly “raise the bar” and obtain excellence. Based on real-life experiences and results, utilizing positive reinforcement and basic behavioral principles, and transferrable to any leadership role.

  • Transformed “culture”
  • Improved employee and management morale, productivity & performance
  • Increased top talent & client retention
  • Elevated pride for the organization & individual roles

Way Better Than Free Lunch!

Target: Professional, Executive and Organizational development, client and employee retention, direct marketing, spouse programs

This program provides the keys to motivate and retain your top performers when pay raises and pricey perks aren’t an option. We will enable you and your participants to connect your personal purpose to your organization’s mission and vision and encourage internal motivation for individual growth and productivity.

  • Reduced costs for employee incentive programs
  • Increased employee morale, productivity, and retention
  • Drastically enhanced leadership skills
  • Takeaways for immediate implementation

Create Your Vision®

based on Marcia Wieder’s Create Your Vision® Program

Target: executive and professional development, spouse programs, direct marketing companies

Identify personal and professional strengths and challenges, and develop visionary thinking skills and strategic plans to overcome obstacles and create future career and company strategies.

  • Greater leadership and visionary thinking skills
  • Improved strategic planning
  • Drastically enhanced leadership skills
  • Create career advancement opportunities

Build Your Business or Personal Wardrobe- Without Breaking the Bank!

Target: professional development, employee development, spouse programs, direct marketing companies, any industry or association

In this competitive world, staying relevant and looking polished is more important than ever. We’ll explore how fit, cut, color, and creativity can help you look leaner, healthier and wealthier - without breaking the bank!

  • Attraction of higher caliber client prospects
  • A highly competitive edge in today's market
  • Greater opportunity for personal and professional growth
  • Enhanced personal and professional image

Go From Stress to Success! Work, Play, Live... InBliss!

Target: spouse programs, women’s/men’s groups, over-stressed executives, spa retreats

Can’t fit another thing in? Feeling frustrated while life passes you by?In this lively and interactive session, you’ll learn how to identify your purpose and passion, bring more of what you love into your everyday work and play, and say “no” where you need to and “yes” where you want to without feeling guilty!

  • Greater personal and professional life balance
  • Increased overall productivity
  • Drastically reduced stress
  • Greater sense of empowerment and well being

Connect... Like You Mean It!

Target:professional and organizational development, employee development, client and employee retention, spouse programs, direct marketing companies, any industry or association

Do you remember the thrill you felt when you began your career or launched your company... the sheer bliss that came intrinsically from doing something meaningful to you, and sharing that feeling with a team of like-minded people? You can easily create your own opportunities for growth and wealth by making more meaningful connections with clients, coworkers and acquaintances. In this interactive session you will gain the tools and techniques you need to be wildly successful and Connect... Like You Mean It!

  • Increased new, repeat, and referral business
  • Stronger personal and professional relationships
  • Drastically improved customer service
  • Improved employee motivation and productivity

Your Life, Creating Chapter Two

Target: AARP, spouse programs, executives, stay at home parents, anyone starting fresh

Whether you’ve reached retirement, disability, are a stay at home parent, or simply found it’s time to start fresh, we’ll explore what really matters to you and how to develop the strategies necessary to take action on creating the next chapter of your life.

  • Genuine sense of purpose
  • Improved passion & productivity
  • Ability to articulate personal & professional value
  • Improved employee motivation and productivity

Dare to Daydream; Create the Life Of Your Dreams

Target: women’s/men’s groups, spouse programs, AARP, spa retreats, any association

Discover your purpose, re-ignite your passion, and overcome the doubts, fears and obstacles in the way of your success. This workshop is based on Marcia Wieder’s Dream Coach® Program, as seen on Oprah and The Today Show, and will motivate your participants to take a giant step in the direction of their dreams.

  • Discover your purpose and reignite your passion for life
  • Overcome your doubts and fears
  • Finally make your dreams become a reality!

It Takes a Team To Make a Family

Target: spouse & family programs, retreats, family reunions, groups seeking parenting & family workshops

Life can be hectic, and finding time to spend with the entire family can be a real challenge. In this engaging and highly interactive workshop, we’ll inspire families to unite and discover a renewed sense of passion for family time - sharing the dreams they have for themselves and each other, and setting the tone for family fun!

  • Improved family communication, participation, & listening
  • Renewed sense of team and family
  • Increased quality of family time


Target: spouse & family programs, girls age 4-13, mother/daughter events, family reunions, groups seeking parenting & family workshops

Feeling good about who you are makes it easier to make the right choices for yourself, without apologizing or agonizing. In this fun and interactive session you will understand what really matters to you, pinpoint what you’re passionate about, and explore the dreams you have for yourself and your family. You’ll also learn how to start creating your future, and get other people to help, even when some say it can’t be done!

  • Greater self-esteem
  • Enhanced ability to make “good choices”
  • Increased and improved communication with family

Who Do You Think You Are?

Target: professional, executive, personal development, any industry or association

Are you tired of letting your own beliefs about your worth and ability stand in the way of your success? This highly interactive session gets to the heart of your doubts and fears and positions you for boundless opportunity and success. Because whether you think you’re a success or not, you’re right!

  • Improved productivity & performance
  • Increased morale and self esteem
  • A competitive edge in the work environment

Selling WITHOUT Selling Out

Target: target: executive and professional development, direct marketing companies, any industry or association

Do you dread the “sales” aspect of your business? Do you have employees who claim they have nothing to do with “sales” in your organization? Can’t shake the “used car salesman” stereo-type when it comes to increasing your client base and revenue? This program will show you how to sell without “selling out,” using the skills and talents that come naturally to you.

  • Increased revenue & client base
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Greater client satisfaction